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I watched this movie a couple of years ago; I believe it was in Spanish with no subtitles, but that didn\'t really matter. What mattered was that it was fantastic! I know 95% of the world\'s population wouldn\'t agree with me, but I always had a thing for old sleaze/horror movies which seem to be made just because the director had nothing to do, had had a funny dream he wanted to realize, or that he just needed money.As for this film, I couldn\'t understand why the title had anything to do with the action. I only remember some scenes with cloaked individuals walking slowly as though in some kind of procession. And there was a man (Antonio Mayans I believe) talking often to some girls, and there were scenes of various sexual intercourse; although I found the atmosphere in the film very serious and unpretentious.There is one very interesting scene where a couple of girls are lying on the beach, and suddenly a meat cleaver flies through the air, thrown from a hotel window high above, and lands in the sand just b
La mansión de los muertos vivientes
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5th June 1985

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